Wednesday, November 2, 2016



 In 2012 we were forced to discontinue our annual analysis of the productivity of ABC's NEWS service as the ABC's news archive limited the number of stories to the first 10 pages of items. At the time we asked then Director Mark Scott what had happened with the archive but got no reply. It seems ABC have re-instituted access to the full online news archive so here are the current results.




The ABC NEWS WATCH productivity survey examines ABC's total news output for the month of June as recorded in the ABC's online news archive and compares this to total ABC NEWS staff numbers taken from its annual report. The result is a measure of the productivity of ABC's NEWS division.



Stories per day from the ABC NEWS ARCHIVE for each June
Year  Total Stories 
2003      7230 
2004      6920 
2005      6899 
2006      6995 
2007      7988 
2008      8894 
2009      7134 
2010      6666
2011      5908
2012      6091

2013      7754
2014      7801
2015      7624 
2016      6597 (third lowest on record!)

Staffing:  Figures are based on ABC annual reports. 

ABC News Division staff, from ABC Annual reports.
Year   Staff 
2003   766.24 
2004   735.04 
2005   756.6 
2006   770.68 
2007   842.37 
2008   865.59 
2009   913.14 
2010   947.36
2011   963.14
2012   964.97

2013  1009.46 
2014  1051.62
2015  1433.5
2016  1367.41

Productivity: 2016 record low productivity!

ZERO output projected in 2022!
Year  Stories per staff per month 
2003      9.4 
2004      9.4 
2005      9.1 
2006      9.1 
2007      9.5 
2008     10.3 
2009      7.8 
2010      7.1
2011      6.1
2012      8.1
2013      7.7
2014      7.4
2015      5.3
2016      4.8


 In 2015 ABC news staff growth broke from its linear trend and accelerated alarmingly showing exponential growth. In 2022 our staffing models indicate numbers will reach a whopping 2137. At the same time modelling of staff productivity indicate ZERO output. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas 2015

So 2015 ends as it begins with no major improvement to the ABC's news service. A new MD in March but no promise of any changes in editorial content or quality.

Anyway wishing you all a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the coming leap year.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Winding Down

Short post to let readers know, if you hadn't guessed already that posting is on hold for the time being as more important things take precedence.

If you have any interesting ABC stories suggest passing them on to Media Watch Dog - follow the link on the right.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Missing Curry: Availability Cascades

Judy Curry remains one the few sensible people in academia when it comes to Climate Change. Her latest post explores the notion of Availabiity Cascades and Climate change...

Is climate change making us stupid? I fear that the answer is ‘yes.’ This problem is exacerbated by politically correct climate change orthodoxy, enforced by politicians, advocates and the media in an availability cascade, which is destroying our ability to think rationally about how we should respond to climate change. As a result, we have created a political log-jam over this issue, with scientists caught in the cross-fire.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Missing NEWS: 25 years of satellite temperature monitoring

AS ABC are unable to look outside their groupthink culture on climate change we just thought you'd like to know that its been 25 years since Roy Spencer and John Christie started monitoring global temperatures by satellite.
The graph below a nice summary of their findings.

A chart put together by John Christy, director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, that reflects how the temperature satellite data (the green line) contrasts with temperature models SOURCE

A recent interview with Roy and John to mark the occasion appears HERE. It won't be on the ABC.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pre-1910 Stevenson Screens - BOM does not know!

Australia has a rich history of scientific endeavour. For weather observations most states had standardised Stevenson Screens installed by the 1890s yet the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) only extend its official national temperature series back to 1910, conveniently skipping over the Federation Drought when temperatures appear to be higher than present. Through correspondence with the Federal Government's environment Minister Greg Hunt (see reply from the BOM below) we find that the BOM does not even know precisely how many stations were fitted with Stevenson Screens or when this occurred. Worth repeating. Our premier meteorological organisation fueled by $100's of millions of tax dollars, that is tasked with the responsibility for looking after our weather data, does not know where or when Stevenson Screens were installed, and is unable to supply this data in a digital format. The hand written ledgers probably collecting dust and disintegrating somewhere in BOM's data vault. Un - %$&##$@ - believable!

The enabling legislation for the BOM includes the following functions

(1)  The functions of the Bureau are:

(a)  the taking and recording of meteorological observations and other observations required for the purposes of meteorology;

(b)  the forecasting of weather and of the state of the atmosphere;

(c)  the issue of warnings of gales, storms and other weather conditions likely to endanger life or property, including weather conditions likely to give rise to floods or bush fires;

(d)  the supply of meteorological information;

(e)  the publication of meteorological reports and bulletins;

(f)  the promotion of the use of meteorological information;

(g)  the promotion of the advancement of meteorological science, by means of meteorological research and investigation or otherwise;

(h)  the furnishing of advice on meteorological matters; and

(i)  co‑operation with the authority administering the meteorological service of any other country (including a Territory specified under subsection 4(2)) in relation to any of the matters specified in the preceding paragraphs of this subsection.

Sadly the BOM is clearly not fulfilling its functions. Sadly the government couldn't care less.

Sent Environment Minister Greg Hunt

February 18, 2015

RE: Availability of data from weather stations with standard instrumentation prior to 1910

Dear Minister,

The Bureau of Meteorology currently produce a series of homogenised weather products (eg ACORN). These only extend back to 1910 due apparently to the lack of standard equipment (Stevenson Screens) across the country. However a large number of weather stations had Stevenson screens installed prior to 1910.

I recently enquired with the BOM about the availability of data for one such station at the former Musgrave Telegraph Station in northern Queensland (refer email attached) and was advised that records prior to 1991 have not been digitised.

This station, and others along the telegraph line were equipped with Stevenson Screens and appropriate thermometers and rain gauges from 1887. It is remarkable given the controversy surrounding climate data that our Nation’s repository of weather data have not digitised and made available the complete data record for stations such as this (ie stations with standard equipment) so they can be incorporated into national climate data or made available for use by university and independent researchers.

Can the Minister provide an answer the following simple questions:

1. How many of the nation’s weather stations had Stevenson Screens installed prior to 1910?

2. Which of the nation’s weather stations had Stevenson Screens installed prior to 1910?

3. Will the minister ensure that data from these stations is digitised and made freely available online for study?



Marc Hendrickx

The Minister's minion at the Bureau replies. Astonishingly, when it comes to Stevenson Screens, BOM do not know where or when!


Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday reading

From Wiki...Nepotism is favoritism granted in politics or business to relatives. The term originated with the assignment of nephews to cardinal positions by Catholic popes and bishops. Nepotism is found in various fields including: politics, entertainment, business, and religion.

From Quadrant... Family values at Their ABC